7 Growth & Funding Resources for Female Entrepreneurs in Asia

A Guide to Opportunities for Female Founders Looking to Raise Money For their Business to Grow

The tide is turning for female entrepreneurs starting businesses and looking for funding. With increased popularization of some pretty dramatic and unfortunate VC investment statistics, new opportunities are popping up that focus solely on supporting women-led business. Here are some growth and funding resources working to help tip the scale and provide growth and funding resources to women.





SoGal Ventures is the first female-led millennial venture capital firm operating in the US and in Asia. Founded by Pocket Sun and Elizabeth Galbut, SoGal Ventures represents how far their generation has come.

Investment Criteria:

One of their more notable investments in Asia being GuavaPass, SoGal Ventures focuses on pre-Seed to Series A stage businesses with diverse founding teams.

About the Founders:

Pocket Sun - Watch Her TED Talk

Elizabeth Galbut - Read Her Story

Extra tips for connecting:






Scale helps investors and entrepreneurial women to connect, invest and succeed. This is a female focused angel network investing in teams with gender diverse leadership.

Investment Criteria:

Scale requires that their applicants have a female founder or woman at the executive level with significant equity and influence. Businesses must be looking for between $100,000 - $700,000 capital, the product should be scalable with proprietary features or channels to market that provides barriers to entry for competition.

The Process:

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to attend ‘Office Hours’ prior to the submission of their application in order to ask for informal advice. Once the application and a video interview is submitted, SCALE responds within a week. If successful, you will be invited to present at a ‘Screening Session’ and then an ‘Investor Forum’. If there is enough interest after the Investor Forum, businesses will be asked to attend a ‘Deep Dive’ meeting and then, with enough interest, the due diligence process would begin and take about 4-6 weeks.  

Connect & Apply:

Twitter: @scale_investors

Email: [email protected]

Apply: scaleinvestors.com.au






Astia Angels is a global network investing in companies that include women and men in the executive team. They provide ongoing opportunities for exceptional startups to access capital.

Investment Criteria:

Astia looks for visionary entrepreneurs from around the world with game-changing startups who are ready to become market-leading businesses in high tech, life sciences, clean tech, consumer tech, and high growth consumer products and services. At a minimum, startups must have at least one woman in the leadership team, holding significant influence and equity.

The Process:

Startups who apply to Astia benefit from direct access to our global connected Astia Advisor community of 5,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. Companies who successfully pass through the Astia Expert Sift™ are invited to present at Astia Venture Showcases and will be considered for direct investment by the members of Astia Angels.

Connect & Apply:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @astiaangel @astiaglobal

Apply: gust.com/organizations/astia-2/apply






The Cage is a full-time, 12-week ignition programme powered by The Lane Crawford Joyce Group that offers intensive mentorship and in-house commercial opportunities to two start-ups developing technologies that apply to fashion and lifestyle retail, as it relates to our core businesses.

Investment Criteria:

The Cage takes on startups that can optimise and/or redefine any of the customer touchpoints, including awareness, discovery and exploration, use and purchase, loyalty as well as advocacy. And, Technologies that could apply both to the in-store experience and business’ systems which enable improved and unique customer experiences.

This could include, though is not limited to IoT, personalisation, image recognition/matching, AI/machine learning, AR, gaming, and blockchain.

Can you tick the following boxes?

  • Are you an early stage start-up with a technology that enhances the Customer Experience and could be applied to fashion and lifestyle retail, as it relates to our core businesses?
  • Are you a start-up that has a consumer-tested prototype?
  • Are you part of a start-up with two or more founders?
  • Are you eligible to stay in Hong Kong for the duration of the programme?


Then apply now!

The deadline, 18 March 2018, for this program is fast approaching.

Connect & Apply:

Email: [email protected]







Of course, we’re on this list! At Next Chapter, we work with female founders to launch their passion projects by providing creators with a 45-page crowdfunding manual jam-packed with success hacks and best practices. We consult on the progress of their campaigns and offer advice based on tested experience.  Campaigners will be introduced to a network of alumni and other women looking to support female entrepreneurs. And, we do all of this at the same cost of other crowdfunding platforms.


You need to be ready to put in the work to make your campaign successful and that’s about it! We’ll help you with the preparation and knowledge. We've answered your first question, 'Is Crowdfunding Right For Your Business?' you can also sign up to learn more in our Crowdfunding 101 Webinar.

Schedule a consultation:

Email: [email protected]

Start creating your campaign:







The Women Entrepreneurs Network’s mission is to encourage, educate and empower women to scale up their business.  The network offers various events and activities that encourage women entrepreneurs to network, learn and grow.  Events are tailored for women 2+ years in business, and include small mentored circles, book club and social drinks.   Their small group, supportive format at events allows everyone to share the business issues that have them stumped, network with fellow entrepreneurs and take away ready-to-use strategies, business skills and tips to drive their company to the next level.





In 2008, Goldman Sachs launched 10,000 Women to provide women entrepreneurs around the world with business management education, mentoring and networking, and access to capital. To date, the initiative has reached over 10,000 women from across 56 countries and resulted in immediate and sustained business growth for graduates of the program.

Follow @GS10KWomen on twitter to find out the most up to date application info.


If you know more or can suggest any other resources in Asia that can help get more women funded then please email [email protected]