Gift Giving, Just Because - BYDEAU’s Next Chapter

We all enjoy receiving gifts for those big occasions in our lives: birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day. But what about those “just because” occasions? A big promotion, a new flat, or your highest ever ‘likes’ on an Instagram post? What about just because it’s Tuesday and it’s been a while since you’ve mentioned how much you value your bestie? For BYDEAU founder, Jennifer Margolin, it’s these everyday moments, the ones not often celebrated, that she believes calls for a bigger piece of the gift-giving pie.

Formerly a creative director, trend forecaster, and events planner in California, Margolin relocated to Hong Kong in 2014 and, after winding down her business stateside, found herself ready to tackle a new challenge. 

Jennifer tells us about the birth of BYDEAU...

Shortly after I moved to Hong Kong, I was planning a last minute dinner party and didn’t have time to make the trip all the way to the flower market for fresh flowers. Back in California, this wouldn’t have been a problem. Whether from a local gourmet grocery store, a florist, or a farmer’s market, there was always quick, convenient access to beautiful flower arrangements that didn’t break the bank. Turns out, in Hong Kong, this wasn’t an option.

I ended up at a local florist, determined to fulfill my vision of a table full of white hydrangeas. I became more and more discouraged as the florist was putting the arrangement together. This wouldn’t be the simple, clean, and elegant arrangement I’d envisioned.

When all was said and done, it came out to  $185 HKD per stem!

Needless to say, that was the first and last time I put myself through that experience.


Why focus on ‘just because’ gifts?

Growing up, the act of giving gifts was extremely highly valued in my household. My mother ensured every birthday was a treasured and special experience. I’d wake up, and have no idea what I was in for, but I knew it was going to be an amazing time. As I grew up, I realized that like my mother—I derived much more joy from giving gifts than from receiving them.


Taking Advantage of Trends

With her passion for gift-giving, her design aesthetic, her trend forecasting experience and her background in business, Margolin found herself perfectly positioned to fulfill the city’s need for on-demand gifts and flowers at a mid-range price point. It was these two distinct traits that went hand-in-hand to establish BYDEAU as a staple in on-demand flower and gift delivery.

At the time of its creation, mobile delivery apps like Uber and Food Panda were taking off in Hong Kong, and the public was just starting to realize how convenient mobile ordering really was.

By foregoing a traditional retail space, we’ve been able to focus solely on BYDEAU’s mobile and online platform, which has allowed for much more efficiency in our supply chain, allowing us the opportunity to provide same-day delivery when an order is placed before noon.

To me, success means creating a business that makes it easy for my customers to make someone’s day and my employees happy and motivated.

What are you hoping to achieve through crowdfunding?

We see crowdfunding as a way to engage directly with our current and new customers to find out exactly what they look for when gifting. And with the launch of the “Just Because” gift box, customers no longer need a conventional holiday to share their love and appreciation.


BYDEAU is on a mission to remove the stress, time and hassle associated with sending beautiful flowers + gifts. By creating a simple and delightful gift-giving experience through one’s mobile device, BYDEAU makes sending a little something a BIG deal and fun again. It is the special attention to detail; with exquisitely styled arrangements tied in grosgrain ribbon, hand-written notes, and curated gift boxes to display in the home that brings customers back to BYDEAU again and again.

If you think a ‘Just Because’ gift box is a great idea and you want to help BYDEAU grow it’s offerings then check out Jennifer’s campaign. These products will only make it on to the shelves of BYDEAU’s online store if $2,000 USD is raised by the 26th of March.