Success Stories

Iella Peter of BloomMe talks about her start-up journey

Iella Peter, COO and co-founder of BloomMe, tells us about setting up Hong Kong's innovative beauty app, BloomMe, and shares her top tips for dealing with potential investors. Learn how she went from idea to reality and then went on to secure angel investment.

Interview with Jessica Choi, Co-founder Hirely

Jessica Choi, Co-founder of Hirely ( was one of the first people I met in HK in my startup journey. And she has certainly been very supportive and friendly since then which is a lovely thing.  So I was excited when she was able to share about her startup journey with us.

3 Reasons Why Athleisure Is Here To Stay

In Hong Kong, the trend is clear. Cocktails have given way to kale and chia seed juices; partying all night has been replaced by 6 am boot camps and spinning classes; slinky pencil skirts and heels are shoved deep in the closet in favor of yoga pants and feather-weight trainers.